Mathew Odenthal

 Matthew Odenthal has worked in the construction industry for his whole career in Minnesota. 


In Minnesota, Mathew Odenthal has spent his whole career working in the construction sector. Up until the housing crisis that severely hurt the economy in 2008–2009, he worked as a framer. In Farmington, Minnesota, he constructed numerous homes. As a result, no new homes are being built. Being idle and bored, Mathew made the decision to brush up on his expertise in high-end construction.

As the housing market eventually stabilized, Matt Odenthal was once more able to pursue his passion of building homes. Once the market had a chance to settle, he discovered more about high-end remodeling. He developed as a finisher by working on high-end home restorations, which allowed him to acquire important knowledge. He loved remodeling old homes, but when it came to building, he favored starting from scratch. He was left with no choice but to relaunch his building business.